Career choices should be made based on our interes

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Topic 3
Pros: Career choices should be made based on our interests.
Cons: Career choices should be made based on salaries and benefits.
  L:  Recently a popular topic employment options, some people feel interested in selecting their occupation is the best, while some people think that salary occupation choice. This is what you think.
Z:Well, in my opinion, the university graduates should choose your favorite occupation not high salary while they don't like career. Because our life goals is to  have a happy life, and to do the things what you like to do. It 's necessary to earn money for our daily life.But the things what we like is worth doing.
L:yeah!I don't agree with you. Because many things in life is the contrary, and not just do whatever you like. for example, You need to buy a house in five years, then you have to find a high salary job, or your goal is short of. in this case, You have no choice and you must choice Top-paying jobs .
Do you think so?